Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Once called Diamond of the Far-East, Ho Chi Minh City is now one of the top places to visit in Vietnam. To help you to get the most out of this destination, we made a top 10 things to do in this amazing city. Check it out!

1.Enjoy Ho Chi Minh City Highlights with a Local

HCMC is home of many highlights and a bunch of museums like the War Remnants Museum. This museum is one of the best places to learn about Vietnamese history. Another highlight you cannot miss while visiting HCMC is Notre Dame Cathedral, a place where you can see the combination of traditional Vietnamese culture and French colonial culture.

Let your local guide show you the best of HCMC. The best part is that you can personalize your tour to see the places that interest you the most!2Enjoy a Vietnamese Homemade Meal

2.Enjoy a Vietnamese Homemade Meal

à We all know that the Asian food is absolutely delicious! While a restaurant can give you a local experience with all the buzzing atmosphere around it, it doesn’t come close to the magic and coziness a home-cooked meal, so let a local host help you on that. Lovely locals, personal stories, travel tips, these authentic moments are all included on your personal home cooked dinner.

Some of the dishes you’ll taste might include Banh Cuon a dish made from a thin, wide sheet of steamed fermented rice batter filled with a mixture of cooked seasoned ground pork. Also, you don`t want to miss Bún chả which comes with grilled pork sausage patties, a basket of herbs, bean sprouts and pickled veggies. Let a local introduce you to their traditional Vietnamese delicious dishes. And if you have any special requests, let your local host know!

3.Go on a Local Market Adventure

For shopping enthusiasts and first-time visitors looking to experience the daily lives of the locals, the best thing to do is to go visit the local markets. From major markets like Cho Binh Tay or Ben Thanh to several local small markets, variety wzill not be an issue. Here you`ll find some of the friendliest and liveliest people in the city. To enjoy this experience at its fullest come with a sense of adventure and expect products and aromas both wonderful and surprising.

Your host will help you shop around, giving you amazing tips and insights. See, taste and feel the real HCMC`s life, only with a local!

4.Enjoy a Vietnamese Historic Experience

Once you come to HCMC, you can’t miss the Cu Chi Tunnels. This is your chance to see and learn how Viet Cong, a political organization that operated during the Vietnam war, survived and fought during the war. The huge network of tunnels include living quarters, weapons bomb-making factories and more.

Get all your historical facts from your private guide and find out more about the secret network of deep underground tunnels. You will be amazed!

5.A Unique Off the beaten Track Tour

Done with the famous landmarks in HCMC? Now it is time to discover another part of the city, only known by locals. Get ready to walk through Saigon’s back roads and neighborhood alleys. Uncover urban tales and visit less wandered districts.

This is an authentic way to see the city and meet its people. All of this, away from the common tourist hot spots. Join your local host on this incredible tour!

6.Take a Cooking Class with a Local Foodie

Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets to the delicious Vietnamese food? Then we’ve got you covered! You will learn to make an original Vietnamese dish by picking all the ingredients from an organic farm with your local host and then together you’ll get a hands-on experience cooking. One of the most well-know dishes is Pho, a basic dish consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef.

Go on this complete cooking class and take home with you this unique souvenir: A Vietnamese original recipe that you can cook at home. All thanks to your local host!

7.Discover the City on a Motorcycle Tour

A private motorcycle tour is the easiest and most exciting way to travel and discover everything the city has to offer. This experience is great for anyone who is interested in sightseeing and learning more about the rich history HCMH has to offer on the back of a motorbike. Have you read about Vietnam’s crazy traffic? Who better than a local to show you around, teach you the way to deal with the no-rules traffic situations and show you how daily life happens in Ho Chi Minh City?

Get ready to jump on the motorcycle and discover Ho Chi Minh together with your private guide! That’s a story to remember, eh?

8.Explore the Nightlife of the City with a Local

or those who seek to find the thrill of the night in HCMC go on a nightlife tour alongside a local. Ho Chi Minh has plenty to offer specially at night, from late snacks to shopping or local clubs, your host can personalize the experience for you. Want to enjoy a drink at a rooftop bar? Check out the Saigon Saigon Rooftop bar for a fabulous view among expats and locals ready to party. Or head out to View Rooftop Bar located on the 9th floor of Duc Vuong Hotel for a crowd of backpackers and cheaper drinks. You can also visit the Pham Ngu Lao Market, a travelers’ hub that has all the ingredients for a night to remember.

Want something else? Check out any of the city’s live music bars for a good time: Sax n’ Art Jazz Club, Acoustic Bar, Yoko Bar or Seventeen Saloon.

Your private guide can show you where you can have the best food after hours or even how to bargain in the market. Ask your host for suggestions and let the fun begin!

9.Go on a Day Tour Outside HCMC

For a better knowledge of the culture and the locals, go outside of the city and visit the surrounding areas for a truly unique experience. A trip to My Tho city is a good way to get away from the hustle & the bustle of HCMC. This small city has a lot of interesting activities and worth a visit when you are in the big capital!

If you want to try something different, a chocolate workshop in Bình Thủy is what you need! You`ll have the chance to make chocolate, try cocoa wine and find out the secrets of making cocoa butter. It’s handmade and it smells delicious too!

Let your personal guide know that you wish to see outside of the city. They’ll take care of everything to make sure make sure you enjoy the experience!

10.Go on a Tour for Local Food Lovers

Com Tam Suon Bi Cha.
Com Tam Suon Bi Cha.

re you ready to start eating insanely delicious Vietnamese food when you’re in Saigon? Enjoy local snacks, try new food, enjoy live music and plenty of other fun things to do. You`ll have the chance to discover Ho Chi Minh City and get the tastiest private experience so far! You can try a wide range of local food such as: bạch tuộc nướng (grilled octupus), bánh xèo (savoury crepes filled with pork and bean sprouts) or Chè, a sweet Vietnamese dessert that incorporate fruit, vegetables, beans, seeds, glutinous rice and tapioca powder.

You can let your host your diet restrictions and food preferences and they’ll make a 100% personalized tour for you. Friendly tip: don’t eat before the tour!

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