The 10 Best Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thao Dien Ward

There’s an unmistakable feeling of excess disposable income in Thao Dien, with new restaurants opening up every week to get in on the action. It wasn’t easy to narrow this list down to just 10, because there are so many excellent restaurants here — but it had to be done, so here are the best.

Simple Place

Simple place, amazing food
Simple place, amazing food | © Matthew Pike
Unless you knew what to look for, you’d probably drive right on by without a second glance. Turns out some of the best Mexican food in the city is hiding in Thao Dien. Their shredded duck meat will change you. Nobody is the same person after taking a bite of a crunchy duck taco.

Villa Song Saigon

Boutique Hotel Restaurant, Hotel Restaurant, Vietnamese
Villa Song
Villa Song | © Matthew Pike
Villa Song is located along the Saigon River, offering customers a rare view of natural beauty amid a mega-city of cement and motorbikes. They have their own little paradise carved out here, where they serve from a rich and varied all-day menu.

Couple Star Indian Restaurant

The home of some amazing Indian food
The home of some amazing Indian food | © Matthew Pike
For our money, Couple Star is the best Indian food in Thao Dien — and the competition is surprisingly steep. We order it at least once a week, and they’ve never disappointed. Try their lollipop chicken for a real treat.

Mekong Merchant Saigon

Step inside for some great food and service
Step inside for some great food and service | © Matthew Pike
The Mekong Merchant is a popular spot for professionals. Like many places in Ho Chi Minh City, the street-front view is misleading. After a short stroll down an alley, you come into a beautiful courtyard, where friendly servers take care of you and your grumbling stomach. Their menu features pasta, sandwiches, salads, steaks and pizza.

The Deck Saigon

The Deck Saigon
The Deck Saigon | © Matthew Pike
The Deck is the kind of place where a lovely dinner/lunch usually turns into some dessert drinking. Before you know it, you’ve had a few cocktails and you’re feeling great. Their food is excellent on its own, but having the Saigon River in the background somehow makes the experience even tastier.

BoatHouse Restaurant

Boathouse Restaurant
BoatHouse Restaurant | © Matthew Pike
The BoatHouse is hidden down the canopied lanes of the An Phu compound. The location is simply stunning, but it’s the food that brings in repeat customers. Pay attention to their Facebook page, because they often have live music and other special events.

Quan Bui Garden

Quan Bui
Quan Bui | © Matthew Pike
Look no further than Quan Bui Garden for the best Vietnamese food in Thao Dien — seafood, noodles, spring rolls, and so much more. Thao Dien has culinary experiences from around the world, but Vietnamese food is always a great choice. When you walk inside Quan Bui, you really feel like you’re walking into a garden. The walls overflow with flowers and foliage. Truly a wonderful dining experience.

Thai Street

Thai Street
Thai Street | © Matthew Pike
You’ll probably have a bit of trouble finding this place the first time you go. Look for the Bangkok style food cart parked out on the sidewalk, and then head down the alley. We recommend the duck curry, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the dishes here.

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